The name and trademark are being abused, which requires more than average visitor attention.

Please note: Google's information in connection with the LABYRINTH / LABIRINTUS are mistaken or perjured. Hungarian corrupt agents (Google My Business) ad text is fake: racula, Vlad Tepes was never part of Labyrinth Labyrinth of Buda Castle Exhibitions. Dracula was never imprisoned in the Buda Castle, especially in a cave cavity, hole. 


Opening hours 

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Labyrinth of Buda Castle - Opening Hours


The Daytime Programs (9.30-19.30) and the Nighttime Programs (20.30-08.00) in the Labyrinth of Buda Castle was available all year round.

Daytime Program  9.30-18.00

Prehistoric Labyrinth: faithful replicas of the European cave-paintings

Historical Labyrinth: a tour among the symbolic figures of the Hungarian history

Labyrinth of the End of History: the fate of our civilisation through the findings of an excavation 40 million years later

The Labyrinth of Courage: playful test for children and adults

Labyrinth gallery: different representations and symbolic images of labyrinths from various ages and cultures

Projecting room: Labyrinth film, Budapest

Pantheon Budapest: the underground Pantheon of 21st century's Europe.


18.00-19.30 Labyrinth with lanterns

Everyday at 6 pm the light goes out in the Labyrinth, so You wander with lanterns. Extremely romantic or awesome - depends on You. For this programs You don't need an appointment. During the Nighttime Programs, the Labyrinth of Courage is closed)

Nighttime Programs 20.30-08.00

For the Nighttime Programs booking is required. From 20.30 until 08.00 please use the entrance on the corner of Lovas utca and Palota út.

Wanderings with the Great Ones of Europe

Alone at night in a labyrinth holding a lantern and wandering between the impulses from great European authors. More

Personal Labyrinth, Inner Circle

The site of one-person path-finding More

The Labyrinth of Love

An exciting and special form of personal wandering in the labyrinth for couples. More