The Axis of the World 

The Labyrinth - the Axis of the World


Or: the centre and origin of the World. The tree of the world, the menhir, the shaman tree, the obelisk, the tree of life - all these are various manifestations of the Axis of the World, designating the Middle of the World and providing a point of orientation in the labyrinthine maze of space and a starting point in the end- and meaningless ticking away of clock-time. These sacred centres, showing spiritual as well as geographical directions, have lost their importance in modern times, and been superseded by centres of trade, commerce, entertainment, finance, etc.

The Axis of the World which can be found in the Buda Castle Labyrinth is that of the Modern Age. It is broken, fragmented. But stepping forth into the centre - do not afraid trying out - the Axis of the World, though only momentarily, is completed: and in this universal but equally personal focus something may yet be revealed...