Gods of Europe                          

The Pantheon was owned by the gods, then it became the great people's. But how is it today?


European Pantheon



In Greek mythology, Europa was kidnapped and taken away to Crete by Zeus who appeared as a white bull. Our continent was named after this female figure. The foundation of Europe's culture is this mythical world which gave birth to Europa as well. The Pantheon (originally: the temple of all gods) commemorates Greek Gods, the characters of a mythology becoming forgotten today. By now, the gods behind the names have disappeared, and former gods continue to live on only in relics. Pieces of them are manifested in consumer goods. As if they were attributes of the former Immortals, but they only lend their names to these objects. The collection is from different parts of Europe: each European country has given at least one or more gods.




Zeus appears as a vacuum cleaner, helmet, telephoto lens, Aphrodite as a front fog lamp, computer case and razor. Europa has not become a part of the European Pantheon since she is a mortal being. These everyday stuffs, useless items bear the names of gods names as memories as signs. Just as people are also signs in lean times.

The first presentation of the European Gods took place in Budapest, in the Labyrinth of Buda Castle. Due to the constant hamstring and unlawful official act and unreasonable and rude dislodgement, it had to leave its original home therefore it still couldn't find a rest in one of East-Central Europe's capitals at the dawn of the 21st century. The exhibition which meant to represent the depreciation of cultural heritage and the heritage of ancient Europe became homeless. 

But the road does not end there. The torn Pantheon crosses Hungary's borders in freight wagons. It wanders in exile all around Europe. Instead of the underground labyrinth of Budapest, three railway wagons and sometimes metropolitan public spaces become the temporary dwelling place of gods. At the end of the journey the peculiar collection comes apart and vanishes for ever.


Gods in exile - 01Gods in exile - 02


Gods in exile - 03


The entire Pantheon has been uploaded to the internet in full, including the items that have been lost through the storms of fate. The gods are in the cloud now.