Wandering with the Great Creatives of Europe

Budapest Pantheon


In Dante's Divine Comedy, Virgil was the guide in our journey beyond our world. Visitors to the Labyrinth could choose a guide accompanying their own one-man quest from creatives who established European culture. In the pitch-black tunnel where only the Labyrinth Lantern helped to navigate, the quotations of the chosen guide meant the invisible labyrinth yarn - the connotations of Europe falling into oblivion.

In the Labyrinth of Buda Castle, various spiritual workshops have been set up since 2004, covering subjects ranging from ancient philosophy to modern literature. At the same time, the program "Personal Labyrinth", and then the night program "Wandering with the Great Ones of Europe" were started. There were 12 spots in the labyrinth section of more than a kilometre where audio messages with different texts or music could be listened to by visitors wandering and searching in the night.

After the Labyrinth was closed, we edited and published these texts and musical pieces, which can be heard in the Gallery  of the website as a memento:



The other Europe-themed exhibition and program went beyond the written, created culture - towards the myths and divinity of Europe's dawn. In a form as the gods and their names are known today.

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Bolyongások Európa Nagyjaival




Bolyongások Európa Nagyjaival

"Éjjel-nappali" lett a Budavári Labirintus

Budavári bolyongások 

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Éjjel-nappali nyitva tartás a Budavári Labirintusban

Éjjel-nappal nyitva a Budavári Labirintus

Budapesti Pantheon - nyitóest március 27-én

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