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Visitor's Book

That was the best in Hungary! The most beautiful thing in Budapest! Wonderful! (Steve, New York)

This was really something else! (Mary, London)

It was just amazing! We have never seen anything like this! (Rory, Bristol)

Excellent! (John, Vancouver)

Amazing place! I couldn't think of anything profound. Unique! (Jill, Texas)

I really enjoyed the ambience down there, and the idea of the "Homo Consumus"...Many people should think about that... (Max, Germany)

I've learnt so much about myself! (Ann, Dublin)

The thought is deep, just as the Labyrinth. Thank You! I love Hungary! (Anja, Krakow)

Fantastic! I tell all the Australians to com here! (Tommy, Sydney)

Extremely good idea! It was exciting and amusing! (Sally, Birmingham)

It is wonderful! One of the greatest excpierences in Hungary! (Jakob, Linz)

What could I say? No words... Wonderful! (Sarah, Leeds)

The Labyrinth of Courage was the best! (Anna, Malmö)

The most exciting place in the world! (Thomas, Wien)

Great humour! (Louise, Cardiff)

Fantastic music! (Steve, London)

It's beautiful and scary! (Nigel, Bristol)

This is the best labyrinth in the world! (Rita, Firenze)

The best spiritual experience ever! (Sarah, Glasgow)

Unique atmosphere! Everyone should see this! (Louise, Lyon)

We're out!!! (Mark, Stuttgart)

What a nice humour! (Leslie, Birmingham)

Was the prehistoric man so clever... (Tom, Perth)

This is a beautiful exhibition! (Ivana, Kassa)

I liked it! Especially the fountain with wine! (Terry, California)

The Labyrinth is very scary, but we had lots of fun here! (Rosa, Eindhoven)

I liked the statues! (Mike, Seattle)

I haven't seen a wine fountain before! Thank You! (Shirley, Aberdeen)

It was fantastic to see the future of our civilization! Good idea... (Tony, Sydney)

Try it without a lamp! It's more exciting! (Francesca, Róma)

Finally something interesting in Budapest! (Tim, Swindon)

It could be longer and darker! (Sophie, Le Havre)

What was that?! I don't get it but I really liked the atmosphere! (Alex, London)

Thank You for the idea! (Aisha, Amszterdam)

The tour was great! Thank You! (Richard, Ohio)

Wow! THAT was scary! (Sona, Pozsony)

I think that's the best labyrinth! (Deborah, York)

It was really romantic! (Karen, Brighton

Thank You! That was the best in Europe! (Charlie, NewYork)

Bizarre, but we liked it! (Carla, Mexico)

Doubtless the best in Hungary! Thank You! (Gianni, Verona)

Strange place...strange people...We love Hungary! (Jose and Esther, Sevilla)