Wanderings with the Great Ones of Europe

Alone at night in a labyrinth holding a lantern and wandering between the impulses from great European authors.

Szophoklész a Budavári Labirintusban

Sophocles (497/496 BC - 406/405 BC)

„Wisdom is provided as the chief part of happiness, and our dealings with the gods must be in no way unholy.”

„”πολλῷ τὸ φρονε ν ε δαιμονίας πρ τον ὑπάρχει. χρὴ δὲ τά γ᾽ ε ς θεο ς μηδ ν ἀσεπτεῖν.”

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In the course of the 40-minutes program, our visitors are allowed to wander the whole area of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle, and they are all alone in the entire maze during the reserved time. Admission is free with a ticket purchased for day-time labyrinth walk. Similarly, the ticket purchased for the night-time program can be used once again for one of the day-time programs. Reservation is required to participate in these programs.


The programme starts at

Tuesday 08.00
Thursday 03.00
Sunday 04.00


How to make a program reservation?

The available times can be viewed by clicking on the button bellow. Once you select the time suitable for you, you have to log in or sign up. The reservation can be confirmed after signing up. After your reservation is made, a confirming e-mail is sent to you, enabling you to confirm the reservation. In case you fail to confirm the reservation at least 24 hours before the beginning of the program, the reservation is considered null and void, and the given time will be available for reserving again. In case you reserve a time more than 3 weeks beforehand, the confirmative e-mail is sent 3 weeks before the beginning of the reserved period.


A program jelenleg nem látogatható. The programme is not visitable for the moment.

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