The Labyrinth of Courage

Originally it was a part of the Children’s Labyrinth programme on Sundays with a quizmaster, candlelight – and with a tale. To provide more people with the opportunity to make trial of their courage, we have opened this part for weekdays as well. It is ideal for courageous children and for adults who still believe in the words of legends. So the story, "Free the Sun" runs as follows:

 The Labyrinth of Courage - Labyrinth of Buda Castle


While you were wandering in the Labyrinths, the Powers of Darkness attacked and kidnapped the Sun. The free and always bright giant was locked in a dark and narrow maze. You are now standing in front of the gate of this maze.



The Sun is sad, and people are also sad: the sky-wanderer does not like to be confined and people do not like permanent darkness. Moreover, for some reason adults are completely powerless in the fight to rescue the Sun. All they can do is accompany you. The Sun knew that you would come so he eluded the vigilance of the guardians and left a sign for you: a ray of sunlight. Unfortunately, the light of this last ray is rapidly fading. As you enter the passage you will only see a gleam of it but if you are able to catch it you will not get into trouble anymore because you will feel the last ray all the time even if you cannot see it.

But there is one important thing to remember: ordinary fighting, shouting, gesticulating and other things of the same kind will completely fail as by these you do nothing else but draw the attention of the Powers of Darkness who are lying everywhere, impassioned by their easy success, in the several million years-old labyrinth. If you keep quiet you will soon succeed. You can be sure of this. And the last ray of the Sun will appear again, and a little later the Sun himself as well. At that moment, you do not have to do anything else but look into the pale face of the Sun. After that, the exit of the Labyrinth of Courage is only a few paces away. In a few moments the Sun is free again! You will see when you have left the Labyrinths behind.

And no one else will know the secret story of how the Sun was rescued, only you and the bright Sun himself.



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