The Labyrinth closed in the Buda Castle.

Labyrinth of Buda Castle Teambuilding Programs

Unique programs in an extraordinary environment.

The success of team building games is guaranteed by the unusual location. The Labyrinth of Buda Castle offers an astonishing place close to nature in the heart of the city. Through its incomparable atmosphere, the maze system beneath the Buda Castle contributes to the development of team spirit in company groups after spending some time here.

Our programs guide the participants along the halls and passages of the Labyrinth. During their journey, they face trials that put their physical and mental abilities to the test. The team building games, provided in the required duration and available also in English, are adjusted to the customer’s profile.

Three different programs are available to choose from:

In the course of the game called The Journey of the Conquering Hungarians, the participants wander through the journey of the first Hungarian settlers of Hungary in the passages of the Labyrinth from the Ugrian land of origin to the Carpathian Basin. Beside passing the tests, the guests have the opportunity to obtain an insight into the life of the conquering Hungarians during the journey full of adventures.

In the program Walking in the Footsteps of Hungarian Kings, the atmosphere of mediaeval Hungarian royal courts is evoked. The players found themselves in a real mediaeval crowd among the old walls, where the king's jester, the friar or the beautiful princess herself have a surprise in store.

The Matrix team building game offers a very special experience. Our guests can really enter the maze of the matrix-space. At the beginning of the game, the players - after accepting the Red Pill – awake from the matrix and can see the real world that is kept alive and controlled by machines. This world is then discovered by the participants through tasks of self-knowledge which they have to solve relying on each other.

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